Adding a new Amazon SES delivery server (Web API)

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Adding a new Amazon SES delivery server (Web API)

This article will drive you through the steps on creating and validating an Amazon SES delivery server.
First of all you have to create an account here.
Once you are done and you are logged in, you should search for the Simple Email Service

The Simple Email Service landing page should look like this:

You need to confirm your sender identity.
There are 2 ways: using a domain or email address.
ConfirmInbox uses email addresses for sender identity, so you will need to validate an email address, not a domain:

The process of Verifying a New Email Address is pretty straight forward, you add your new email address and then you have to verify it. You will receive an email containing a verification link in the inbox of the email you wish to verify.

The next step would be to create an IAM user and give it proper permissions so it will be able to send emails using SES.

Click on Add Users button.

Select a username

The next step will be to set the user permissions. You can assign the user to a group that will have the necessary permissions or you can directly assign the policies to the user.

A minimum policy combination would be:

After you create the user you will have to create and save the Access Key ID and the Secret Access Key. You will need these when you set up the delivery server in ConfirmInbox.

Click Create Access Key

The next step will be to go to your SES home page in the dashboard and access SMTP Settings. You will need to note down the SMTP endpoint since you will need it inside the ConfirmInbox setup.

We are done with the Amazon SES setup. After completing these steps we will need the following info for the Confirm Inbox setup part:

  • Access Key ID
  • Secret Access
  • Server Name
  • Confirmed SES email address

Inside Confirm Inbox email marketing app, navigate to Servers > Delivery Servers page, click create new one and choose the Amazon SES Web Api:

Here you will need to fill in the info that you noted from the Amazon SES setup steps:

Save the form and then you will need to verify your server. In the verification step you should enter a valid email address where you will receive an email containing the verification link.

– In case you have a firewall on your VPS, remember to add exceptions in its rules for the AWS IP addresses in order to allow Amazon SES to post bounces to Confirm Inbox.
– Check if the SNS Topics were created. See the Feedback notifications for Bounces and Complaints as below:

That’s it! You are ready to send emails.

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